26 Jan

Sudocrem Mousse is here!

Sudocrem MoussesI was invited to an event today where two new Sudocrem products were launched. These are Sudocrem Mousse products; the Kids and Babies Moisturising mousse, and the Kids and Babies Sunscreen mousse.

Both types of mousse feature ProDerm Technology which means the mousse mimics the skin’s composition to moisturise and protect the outer layer – and both work as a barrier cream too (ie, it wont wash off easily). It’s specially designed for babies and toddlers and is very gentle on their skin.

Sudocrem Mousse

I’ve tried the Moisturising mousse, and was surprised at how easily it rubbed into the skin – you don’t feel like there’s anything on your skin, but you can tell its making a difference. Your skin also doesn’t feel clogged up, and it feels moisturised.

The Sunscreen mousse is SPF 50, as well as having four star UVA protection; most skincare experts recommend you use four or five star protection. Even better, it’s water-resistant and leaves no greasy residue!

Dr Anna Chapman from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, a consultant paediatric dermatologist was on hand to give advice – with the crucial information that we’re not moisturising our little ones soon enough. Often when we start it’s because our children are being treated for eczema related skin conditions – and that we should do more of it from birth to look after their skin. The ideal time to moisturise their skin is post-bath, when the skin is still wet for maximum benefit and hydration.

Sunscreen-wise, it should always be applied before the child goes into the sun. There’s been discussion in the press recently about how higher SPF creams can block out Vitamin D – I asked Dr Chapman about this, and she recommends your child taking Vitamin D supplements (if they’re not getting enough from diet alone) – as by using the higher factor cream you’re helping prevent your child from skin problems in later life – cancer or even just ageing skin.

The thing which swung it the most for me (apart from the lack of scent) is that both products aren’t tested on animals.

They come in handy sized 150ml cans, and are applied by pressing the nozzle into the palm of your hand – a good size for travelling, but not allowed in your hand luggage, should you be flying. Both tubes I received have a use by date of November 2013 – given we get through a fair bit of Sudocrem (I use it too!), this is good, and means it’s not something you’ve got to use within quite a limited time.

They’re available from February 2012 from Boots, Sainsburys and all other good stores who stock Sudocrem.

While we’re on the topic of Sudocrem, it’s also worth mentioning that the NSPCC campaign is still running – head here for more information.

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