Innocent Smoothies and Fruit Tubes Grow Your Own Plant!

We love Innocent Smoothies here, they’re on offer with Ocado at the moment, so when Mr Ocado Man delivered our weekly shop this morning, we were mighty pleased with the special offer Innocent are doing – with every purchase of the Kids Smoothies and Fruit Tubes you get a pack of seeds to grow your own plantgardening!

Given our back yard last year was a mini allotment (well, as allotment as a back yard can be, anyway) with courgettes, potatoes, a sunflower, chillis, beans and more growing, this is something we’re liking the look of – especially as it’s geared towards younger people doing it themselves – even in just an Innocent carton. As H would say, “marbellous!”

So we have four packs of seeds to plant, and many cartons to be drunk. Stay tuned and we’ll post updates on how they’re getting on. For now you can admire H drinking her last smoothie from the previous pack, while admiring her sunflower seeds… let’s hope it’s better than last years (which was a good one, the previous year wasn’t so good, as a fox or squirrel ate it) and we’ll have occasional updates.

Innocent Smoothie SeedsThe seeds deal runs until April 2012, so you’ve a bit of time.

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