Project 365 Week 22

Sunday 24th May. Recovering from Eurovision, we did what all sensible Euro-music fans do, and picked our favourite songs to play H. I think we may have stayed in our pyjamas for most of the day until I saw a 50% off code for Zippos Circus who were in a nearby park. We booked tickets for the 7pm show, so H got to go for the first time. It was interesting – the animal side of things I wasn’t so keen on, but all the people parts were incredible. More often than not I’d be clapping along then realise I was mid-clap with my hands and mouth open, completely gobsmacked at what was going on. The bikes inside the large sphere were the most impressive – managed to get this photo with four of them inside it.

zippos circus motorbikes

Monday 25th May. My dad’s birthday. So  I showed H some pictures of him, to remember the Grandad she has never met. We drove to Knole and it was the perfect weather, with loads of activities and space to walk and climb. I keep forgetting we’re really close to Kent here – we need to explore more. Knole is a beautiful place with beautiful deer all around – and somewhere we’ll definitely go back to. I’m still getting my head around the fact the family still live there, in a private area which they rent from the National Trust. How cool?


Tuesday 26th May. Back to work for me, Shaun and H had the week off. Lucky things. Today they kept it simple and made cupcakes. When I got home from work we headed to the park, where H started to cycle on two wheels for the first time which was amazing. This also means we need to buy her a new bike as her current one is way too small for her.

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Wednesday 27th May. Shaun and H went to Legoland, and I worked. In fact, I worked a 8am to 6pm day with my lunch break being the travel from Wandsworth Town to Tottenham Court Road – I had a meeting at Google. Fortunately afterwards we went to The Angel for beer with old and new friends, and it was an excellent time. We walked past what was the 12 Bar to get home. Sad.  It’s just a shell.

12 bar Thursday 28th May. Back to the park again after work, and more cycling on two wheels as well as moving onto paths. H still can’t quite start herself again but she’s getting better – the balancing is fine, it’s just the starting off. Her new trampoline arrived on Wednesday, so Shaun spent an hour putting it up – it’s really nice and sturdy. We raised the money to buy it by selling H’s baby toys (a good way to declutter and convince her they need to go as well!).

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Friday 29th May. Rainy. In between the hailstones we got bits of time outside, so tried to get H’s home learning done. She was having none of it, until we decided that a Lego Carnival Float would be a good thing to draw and write. I ended up doing a lot of the drawing, with H adding a lot to it and customising it, and labelling it with the things she’d added to her model. I had to help her draw it, but she’s written and labelled and coloured everything that needs doing..

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Saturday 30th May. A lazy day, we all needed it after the previous week. We painted one of the wine boxes we have outside that we use for plants – it’s all bright and colourful. It is now covered in varnish, drying – soon to be returned to the garden.

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