Project 365 – Week 44

Sunday 25th October. H was desperate to ride her bike, so we headed to Beddington Park. Actually, Shaun and H did, and I had a lie down as I felt achey. I drove up there and we stopped in the park for an Ice Cream (as you do in October), H was happy as they had Candyfloss Ice Cream.

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Monday 26th October. A Rainbows Bear Hunt day which started well, but soon got a bit chaotic (and scary) when we were evacuated from Centrale in Croydon. Fortunately most girls were just worried, though one was scared. We got back into Build a Bear within 30 minutes, the girls chose their bears (and dog in H’s case) and got on with their party. I love this Princess Leia bear – I’d have bought the costume too, but it had sold out. Obviously popular…

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Tuesday 27th October. We did a daytrip to Dover today to visit Dover Castle. The journey was an hour and a half and clear, once we were parked and inside the castle there was tons to do – including a Ghost Walk suitable for kids which was particularly hilarious when we were stood by the trebuchet and Shaun decided to wander off to a tower which looked interesting, while H and I stood and listened. Just as Shaun was about to enter the tower, an actress dressed as a ghost came running out (as part of the walk) and scared the living daylights out of him. Fortunately I did not see this as I’d have laughed for the rest of the day!! It was an awesome day, a fantastic castle, and we’ve many more to visit now!

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Wednesday 28th October . I can’t go for long without buying stuff. At Dover Castle found this excellent book which covers historical people – and has some H is doing at school at the moment. It was selling for £9.99, plus Shaun gets a 15% discount with his CSSC membership at English Heritage shops – and it’s brilliant! A great book, and now H has read up on Guy Fawkes, ready for tomorrow at school. I should also add, our Dyson v6 cordless arrived today – and Shaun, H and I have been fighting over who gets to use it. So far, so good (and so dust-free)!

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Thursday 29th October. We headed to London Bridge to The Golden Hinde for a Tudor Fun Day. Lianna had spotted a deal via Little Bird where tickets were £3.50 each, and it was great fun. Mostly for the kids, but adults got involved too. Almost two hours of Tudor-based games and a good laugh, although it took H a while to warm up.

The Golden Hinde at London Bridge

Friday 30th October. A day off doing anything, just relaxing at home. I posted this picture from the day before on Instagram. H is pulling a “Mean Explorer” face.

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Saturday 30th October. Halloween, and H is all dressed up. We never did Trick or Treat-ing when I was younger. Actually, that’s a lie – we did it once but my mum got cross and made us take the sweets back, so we never did it again. H does it with her friends and I don’t really know what to do apart from dress her up. Fortunately she didn’t want me to go with her at the last minute (as I wasn’t dressed up and felt a bit fragile), so she headed out dressed like this and had a ball. That’s my kind of night. I stayed in the house and watched the Rugby World Cup Final and tried not to depress Shaun too much.

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