Nogii Kids Snack Bar Launches in the UK

Do you keep an eye out for snacks which aren’t full of sugar, and have natural ingredients? We certainly do, especially as H seems to like picking chocolatey things (this is a recent thing, we’ve managed to avoid sweets for a long time) – it will always be at the back of my mind she could develop diabetes later in life (as could I), so I like to find a balance so she can be like her friends but not go too overboard on sugar. Nogii Kids Snack bars are ideal.

nogii kids snack bars

Nogii Kids Snack bars have recently launched in the UK. The bars are formulated with all natural ingredients, healthy Omega 3’s, premium protein, quality carbohydrates, and fibre. They’re also gluten free. Snacks are a BIG part of children’s diets, and Nogii Kids Snack bars have been given the thumbs up by H.

The bars are quite big – we received four to try. They’re the right size when you’re out and about, are individually sealed but most importantly of all aren’t full of sugar. At the moment they’re for sale at the Win Naturally website, owned by the footballer Phil Neville and his wife Julie – both are passionate about foods which are healthy for everyone, especially kids. They want to make healthy, organic food available to everyone.

nogii kids snack bar

The final word on the Nogii Kids Snack bar goes to H though, who said “I liked it. It tasted good, I liked the chocolate and marshmallow and I felt full afterwards too”.

The name confused me a bit, as I keep thinking No GI (as in low GI), so if it does for you too, think Gluten Free rather than low GI. (although the overall GI is pretty good)

Available now, keep an eye out!

nogii kids snack bar

We were sent a selection of the bars for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own.

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