About Me

Welcome to Mum Friendly. The name came about when I was sat in the pub and someone put on ‘Some Friendly’ by The Charlatans – and it appealed to my sense of humour. This was in 2011, and here we are twelve years later.

I have one child (the teen) and a husband. I also have a brain tumour which I’m recouperating from a big operation, waiting to have some chemotherapy.

Cancer will not define me, though it will have an influence on what I do. Alas, I tend to jump in with both feet and then find that I’ve taken on too much – but I’m learning to pace myself.

I am a Brownie and Guide leader, though am on a break while my head is wobbly. I’ve been a volunteer since 2004, so that’s eight years now.

Memberships we have….

National Trust – I am collecting their £3.50 cloth badges.
English Heritage – we get this via husband’s CSSC that he gets with his work

We enjoy going to the cinema and the theatre – next month we’re going to see Dick & Dom in da Bungalow which I can’t wait (mainly so I can yell “BOGIES” a lot). With my cancer treatment it’s making it difficult to book any theatre trips until we know when my treatment will recommence – there are a lot of productions going on tour. Fortunately the teen has made sure her dad takes her when she wants to go – a proper theatre dad.

Other than this site I have a few others where I work on ideas…
This is my oldest site, Sweetfoolthemouth
A blog where I type random things to do with my brain cancer over here
Rebel Badge Work – I was keeping it separate though am considering merging it with an existing blog too. Or maybe not. I’ve got bad at making decisions…
Notes from Guiding – I’m not sure what I’m doing with this blog yet other than posting mine and the teen’s camp blankets.
Airline Hell – back in the day we flew a lot. Then the pandemic happened. Then we flew to Australia last year. So I’m probably due to update it – mainly as there are things to talk about. Like insomnia. Which isn’t much fun.

So yes, this is my weird little online world.