November's Giveaway

The lovely people at Entertainment One have given us some DVDs for a giveaway, there’s two Humf titles, and one Peppa Pig.
Peppa Pig and Humf DVD's
If you’d like to try win these, we’d love you to do a couple of things. Mum Friendly is about sharing information about places that you’d tell your mum friends – please submit a review (you don’t have to create an account to do this).
If you’re on Facebook, are you signed up to the Mum Friendly Page and Group? Please post on your wall the following “I just entered @Mum Friendly’s Competition to win some DVD Goodies – head over to” and if you can get any friends to join the group, consider it an additional entry. If they place a review too, then there’s a third.
If you’re on Twitter and tweet a link to this page, that can be another…
So there’s four chances to win some lovely DVDs just in time for Christmas. Please leave a comment to this entry, and each entry will be allocated a number. In the interest of fairness, Holly will pick a number from Tiny Tears’ Sleeping Bag on the 1st December 2011 (at around 5pm), and I’ll announce the winner that evening!

If you’ve not met Humf, let me tell you more. He’s a three year old furry thing, short and round and purple and cuddly and the stories are all charming – all narrated by Caroline Quentin too. Here’s a brief from Wikipedia as an episode summary “In general, plots are centred around Humf and his exploration of the world. An example would be when Humf and his friends go to the park and see litter on the floor. They discuss it and then start to pick it up and put it in the bin with increasing vigour. Humf’s mum inturrupts when he goes to pick up a banana skin and explains that to be safe they should not attempt to pick up all litter as some is yucky.” It’s all quite charming stuff, and you’ll be singing the theme before you know it… The two DVDs are ‘Humf and the Big Boots’ (includes two bonus episodes), and ‘Humf and the Fluffy Thing’ (which includes a bonus disc with six more episodes!).
Does Peppa Pig really need any introduction? Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her younger brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. This DVD is ‘Princess Peppa and Sir George The Brave’ – and if you’re a Ben and Holly fan, then there’s also an exclusive episode included on the DVD – ‘The Frog Prince’. This DVD dates back to 2009, so it may well have been broadcast – but we love them all, so it’s a good bonus! Peppa episodes include ‘Rainbow’, ‘Princess Peppa’, ‘The Camper Van’, ‘Work and Play’ – there’s ten in total.
Good luck!
Thank you again to Entertainment One for donating these DVDs. December has more DVD goodness to come…
Congratulations to Charlotte at Mummy Fever who won – we missed Saturday’s post, so the DVDs will be on their way to you next week!

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