Ask Her Friends

Christmas is on the way and while my wife loves to go for the kind of present which tends to look like a voucher, alongside a box of chocolates, it’s time for a change.

Ask Her Friends

Ask Her Friends is a site which should help with changes like this – as well as helping you decide what to buy.

How well do you know your other half? I put together this list and now I’m waiting – whichever gets the highest number of votes, she gets, so you’re all helping me decide what to get.

It sounds simple enough, and it is  – you log in (we did it via Facebook) and you choose a budget, then check the categories. That’s pretty much it really – then let ‘her friends’ (or yours) vote, and on the end date that you choose, you get to find out what everyone thinks you should buy.

You can check votes when you need to, and even better, if you don’t there’s an element of surprise.

We’ll be back in a week with the results…

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