Attitude Eco-Kids – Shampoo and Conditioner

Attitude is an eco-responsible household products brand that produces many products from air purifiers to shower gel.

Attitude Eco Cleaner

The company’s body range prides itself on being Carcinogen (1,4-Dioxane or Ethylene Oxide) free. According to the blurb that the company sent with the product, Carcinogens are cancer causing ingredients that the UK and Europe, amongst other countries, have outlawed. However, as Attitude point out, this still doesn’t stop them being in most body care products around (I’m guessing much in the same way that products that don’t have nuts as an ingredient may still contain traces of nuts). I always find discovering new ‘nasty’ ingredients scary, especially when it comes to children’s products, this one is no different – it always makes me want to rush out and start obsessively checking all our bath products!

I was asked to test Attitudes’ hypoallergenic children’s 2 in 1 shampoo.The packaging for this product is attractive and fun and I believe that it would appeal to children. The shampoo has a lovely fruity smell to it, which we both liked very much. Jacob has very unruly hair however this shampoo did seem to go some way to taming it, which is no mean feat. This product is on sale in places such as Ocado. I think this is a wonderful product; the only sticking point for me is the price. At £7.90 for 355ml (in Ocado as of 22/01/2013) this is much more than I personally can afford on my budget, which is a shame because I’m definitely a fan. There are many more Attitude products for sale in this store. I’m very impressed by the wide range of this product and believe it’s definitely worth a look if you are very health/ ingredient conscious.

I was sent this for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own