MAM – Learn to Drink Cup

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a MAM bottle. What struck me straightaway was how pretty they were. Usually ‘first’ bottles seem to be very boring and practical, whilst these were colourful and had lovely designs on them.






I had by that point invested in baby bottles, sterilisers and such like, so didn’t have the need to get any more. However, I was keen to hear what other people thought of them, which always seemed to be very positive.

I was sent the MAM Learn to Drink 190ml cup to review. The cup has the very handy options of ‘free flow’ or ‘non spill’ all the with the help of a removable attachment.

At 19 months Jacob still has one bottle of milk in the evening after his dinner and before bed. We plan to wean him off this in the very near future but for now it’s a comfort to him and a  great way of topping up his calcium. We have tried to move him on to beakers and whilst this has worked with water since he was six months old he has remained very stubborn with his beloved milk. This is where I have found the MAM cup to be amazing. Out of curiosity one evening I gave him his milk in this cup and he drank it as normal… something that has never happened before (normally it ends up with him screaming, throwing said cup and refusing to drink from it). I tried it the next night to make sure the previous night wasn’t a fluke and he drank it again. I believe this is very much to do with the cup looking like a baby bottle and having a softish spout. All I can say is I wish that we had discovered this cup sooner as it would have proved very useful, something to bear in mind for next time maybe?









I think this product is great and only have two minor quibbles. Firstly within 10 minutes of drinking from the bottle there were already little teeth marks in the spout. Not necessarily a problem as such, as one would expect a certain amount of wear and tear when there is a soft spout, but did make me wonder how long this would hold up against my little terror. Secondly it is a shame there is no measurement guide against the side. This isn’t the end of the world as most sippy cups don’t but it would be nice.

Those little niggles aside I would highly recommend this cup, especially as a transitional ‘bottle to cup’ product. The cup retails at £5.99, which I believe it good value, and extras such as handles also fit this product so it is easy to mix and match.

I was sent this item for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own