Teething Bling – Smart Mum

As a result of his teething my son has suddenly started biting me… it currently feels as if I’m being followed around by a little vampire! Due to this, when the chance to try Teething Bling, an item of jewellery designed for teething babies, came about I jumped at it!

Teething Bling comes from a company called Smart Mum, who knew that a lot of mums don’t wear jewellery as it would no doubt get pulled, hurt baby or possibly get damaged. They wanted to find a solution that would keep all parties happy and this is how the necklace came about. I had heard of the product not long after Jacob was born, but having been bombarded with thousands of different baby products I was a little sceptical so decided not to buy. All I can say is that I wish I had as this has turned out to be a very useful little product!

Teething Bling by Smart Mum

The necklace itself is very pretty, it looks like normal adult jewellery, and could go with many different outfits. The teething part of the necklace is very unusual, it looks as if it should be made of a hard material like stone but on touching one finds that it is rubber and bendable. I have already had compliments from friends, who were very keen to find out more about Teething Bling.

Jacob was very curious about the necklace, fiddling with it and enjoying chewing it. I have to admit that it hasn’t stopped him biting me completely though the necklace has proven to be  a really handy distraction. I think that Teething Bling would be wonderful for younger children and only wish that I had gotten into this sooner. The material of the necklace is very secure and I reckon it could go through a lot of punishment from little one! What I especially like is the safety release at the back, which goes to show that the design of this item has been very carefully thought out.

The necklace costs £12.95 from the website, which I don’t think is bad at all, especially considering it could be worn out without little one and not just necessarily as a teething ring. The company also have other items for sale such as bangles available at £8.95. The website is clearly laid out, very user-friendly and is definitely worth a nose.

I was sent a necklace for the purpose of review – all opinions are my own!