2014 Travels

We’re fortunate nobody wanted us to be ambassadors for their travel brands this year. I say fortunate as this meant we could do the sensible thing and book three weeks in Australia instead to catch up with family.

So the flights are booked and paid for.

Today my sister-in-law pointed out fifty minutes at Changi Airport is below the minimum that the airport recommends. Well done us! I suspect we may miss it… at least there’s plenty to do there. Having said that, it looks like our next flight is six hours later. Sob.

My reasoning, if the airline offers it then it must be possible, right? Even with a four year old, right? I believe the term is cutting it fine.

H to Australia

So I suspect the coming year on here will be me having occasional wibbles about getting there – it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t worry about things, that and finding things which will help make the flight bearable – the last time we flew to Australia H was 15 months old and didn’t watch tv, and absolutely refused to wear headphones.

This time she’s four and knows all the tv characters and likes pop music. We’ll be fine.

It’s just that fifty minute change. I’ve looked and a few times the incoming flight landed five minutes early. Lucky for us both flights are the same terminal, but yes, still. Fifty minutes.

What would you do? (for the record we’re flying with Singapore Airlines for the first time and I can’t wait, they’re meant to be outstanding. Phew – last time we flew with Emirates, and previous before-H times were with BA, Qantas and Royal Brunei so we’ve flown with a few)

Fifty minutes though. Uuuuh.

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