My 99p Summer

We received £10 in vouchers to spend at 99p Stores, to see what we could buy and have a bit of fun with, doing the ‘My 99p Summer’ challenge.

A 99p Summer may not be something you’d think about, but actually there’s a lot of choice in-store. 99p Stores are one of those places I can always find something to buy – so when we were accepted for this challenge I was more than happy to give it a go. When we went summer was very much with us (unlike this slightly foggy grey morning we have today) and one thing we didn’t have a lot of were water toys – as in, water pistols, water bombs, a fishing set, an ice-cube tray and of course some bubbles. I know, I don’t know why either.

We found £10 goes a long way in 99p Stores – there’s a lot of choice for outdoor fun – so much so we had £9 worth of goods and H demanded a doll which we let her have as we felt we had plenty.

Here’s what we bought for our 99p Summer :

99p Summer Challenge

There’s quite a bit there – so, the verdict!

The water pistols were good – they had good range, especially important as Shaun was so much better at it than me.

The water bombs were AWESOME – they come with an attachment you can hold to the tap to fill it which is tricky but worked – I found that they were good to burst when you needed though would often just bounce! Not the end of the world as you don’t want poor quality ones when you need to surprise unsuspecting rivals and need to carry them a distance. These made me giggle the most too – I found my inner child again getting Shaun and H!

The Sparkly Windmill lives in H’s plants and makes it look pretty. We’ve found when it has been really windy it has blown apart but generally it has stayed together and is still going strong – it hasn’t broken (when it has blown apart we’ve rebuilt it easily).

99p Summer Challenge

Silver trays and serving bowls – ideal for barbecues and when you’re eating outside. We’ve never had any little bowls where you can put a selection of snacks, I was pleased with them as they’re the right size and clean easily.

Fish and a fishing rod – this is fun, H will spend ages trying to hook the fish onto the rod – really simple and loads of fun while also being good for her co-ordination skills. We’ve got her old toy tub and filled it with water for her to do a spot of fishing – good for those moments when she needs to have a bit of quiet(er) time too!

The biggest surprise of all were the bubbles – we didn’t think they’d be as good as they are – really big bubbles or loads of small ones with the attachment added – we spent a good hour just playing with them, after all you can’t beat trying to pop them can you?

In summary, we’ve had a lot of fun with our 99p Summer. You don’t have to spend much at all to have a good time – we were pleased with everything we bought and would highly recommend you have a look in your local store!

We made a little video of our 99p Summer fun day – we hope you like it. As you can see Shaun seems to get me the most as far as water goes, though I’d like to think I got the last laugh….

We received a £10 voucher to purchase these items, and we’ve had a lot of fun! This is our entry for the ‘My 99p Summer Competition’

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