A Healthy Me – March

Hands up, I failed this month. Work got busy, really busy and I got to Fridays stupidly tired and opted for takeaways. My body has let me know it doesn’t like this by adding some weight.

However, things are moving along nicely. I never did get to swim when H did, and her lessons are moving to a later time next term, which doesn’t leave me enough time before pilates, so I’ve set aside Wednesdays to go to the gym and have a little workout on my own, which has so far happened just the once (I was crampy last week). But it is my intention to keep it up.

I’ve had to stop drinking lemon water for a bit as my teeth got too sensitive, but I’m going to try drinking it with a straw so the water doesn’t hit my teeth which should mean things will recommence soon. See, if I write it down I have to do it, rather than just talking about it and not doing anything as there’s no time.

So, onwards!

My back – things have been brilliant, I’ve had a four week gap between appointments at the Osteopath and I feel like things have improved a lot. I’ve upped the gap to six weeks now which is great (for me and my bank balance). Painkillers are rare, though when my muscles hurt in the sides I’ve taken one, but not very often which is good.

Food – apple and pineapple still every morning, I just need to cut back on takeaways. This will probably involve having a rest (come on this weekend…) and convincing H that a rest is a good thing as she often just wants to get up and do stuff, then gets tired later (when I’m wide awake…!)

Swimming/gym. When I went to the gym I found a tv programme which distracted me, and somehow did ten minutes on the cross trainer and ten minutes cycling minimum, as I was reading the subtitles and chuckling away. I now wish all machines at the gym had a special place to plug in an iPad so you could watch anything you wanted. I probably need a gym buddy but I have no friends who go – although a gym buddy would only need to get me out of the house rather than us chatting as we work out.

Weight. 13 stone 4 the last time I checked so I need to get rid of those extra bits before I’m classed obese again rather than overweight.

Cholesterol spots. One side is looking fainter, but the lack of lemon water means I haven’t noticed a lot of movement.

Vitamins. When I remember. Mornings and remembering are not working well at the moment.

March was a pretty busy month in the end but we got outside and started to breathe again. April looks like it’s going to be busy too, though at least it’s a six week term before the next holidays (but we’ll get these ones over with first!).

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