A National Trust Weekend

We’re lucky, we have so many National Trust places a short drive from us, and now the weather is improving decided to get out this weekend and get some fresh air. I checked on my National Trust app to see what was open (top tip – bear in mind what date it is – I forgot so we nearly went to two places that don’t open for 2013 for a few more weeks) – and yesterday went to Morden Hall Park (which is open all year round), and Clandon Park today just outside of Guildford.

Morden Hall Park

Morden Hall Park

As with most National Trust places, there’s a children’s play area, plenty of grounds to walk around and a nice house you can sometimes go into – and of course the cafe serving good coffee and good cake. H was asked her age for the first time today too – you’re charged a membership fee once you’re five – but fortunately at three and a half she’s still a way off that!

Clandon Park

Clandon Park with the grotto in the background

The best thing I’ve found about our local National Trust places is that there’s so much to do – and with Easter on the horizon I spotted most places have an Easter Egg hunt on – last year we did the one at Claremont Park Gardens near Esher (and H was particularly happy with her egg) – so keep an eye out for more information!

Funnily enough, after thinking we’d been to Clandon Park before, on getting there nothing looked familiar – I think we must have got there as they were closing when we visited (as Hatchlands Park is just up the road with their amazing bluebell woods – head there around April-May time for some fabulous views) – so we had another great place to discover!

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