A Reading Eggs Update – and a Brand New App

We reviewed Reading Eggs recently, and while we’ve had a busy last week or so and haven’t used it as much as before, we did have a session tonight together.

Tonight we progressed onto two letters together in the game sections – AM – and it was interesting to see how H played – she recognised both letters, but occasionally they’d be reversed to MA – and she’s not quite spotting the difference yet.

The games are still the same, and she’s having a good time playing them, and most importantly of all, she’s learning. I chatted with my sister about Reading Eggs, as she independently recommended the site to me (tsk, she doesn’t read this site!), especially with H being the youngest when she starts school next year.

We received an email in our inbox this morning – Reading Eggs have a new app available, Tap the Cat – it’s currently iPad only and available at a low price initially – we’ve bought it but haven’t had a play with it yet, but hurry as it’s only at this price for a few days! I think we’re still a little way off H being able to use this, but if you use Reading Eggs and have an iPad, then grab the bargain quick.

As ever, you get the three accents to choose from, US, Australian or British (which I like as H is confused enough having an Aussie dad and a northern mum, while being at nursery in South London) and having a quick look at the app, I think there are sections she’ll discover and enjoy – and learn with at the same time.

Tap The Cat from Reading Eggs

In Tap the Cat there are 9 different activities for your child to enjoy, ranging from rhyming words, to drawing and colouring, to speaking and handwriting. Tap the Cat provides lots of variety to ensure that your child will get many hours of enjoyment and learning from this app.

An extra special feature of the app is that it makes an ebook out of the completed work of the child (such as coloured in pictures and voice recordings). This ebook is then unlocked and played back to the child when they have completed all 9 activities. Tap the Cat is suitable for children who know some 3 letter words.

As a special launch offer you can download Tap the Cat for £1.99 until 5 November (7 days) after which it will revert to its normal price of £2.49. Tap the Cat is only available for the iPad.

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