A Roman Adventure book from BSmall Publishing

Oh we love BSmall Publishing – they’ve brought out some fabulous books. The latest one is perfect for H right now – A Roman Adventure book.

A Roman Adventure book by Frances Durkin and Grace Cooke

A Roman Adventure book is out now! H’s topic at school this term is the Romans, and this book is perfect. She’s really enjoying learning about them, and with our half term break taking in a lot of Roman things too, it’s a great topic! She has found it a great book to dip in and out of as well.

As ever, the words of wisdom go to my fabulous little 8 year old. She says :

“I like that it doesn’t seem like you’re learning – it’s an activity book. It doesn’t feel like an information book, it seems more like a story.”

“It has helped with my topic at school. I had to design a Roman costume, and there was a section showing it which I used to help me finish my homework”

A Roman Adventure book Roman Clothes

“I liked the facts you get on some pages. The story reads like a cartoon strip. I really want to try the roman recipes as well – there are some different ones to the ones we tried at school”

H enjoys reading the A Roman Adventure book most nights – often instead of her homework! I love that there’s still Roman ruins and places that you can visit which make things interesting when you’re learning about them. Our recent trip to Colchester Castle had a lot of Roman artefacts, for example.

A Roman Adventure book model aqueduct

A Roman Adventure book is about three children and a cat. They spot a shiny object on the floor and find themselves transported to Roman times. They have adventures in Roman times and learn some interesting facts.

There are puzzles and activities throughout the book. I haven’t heard a peep out of H for the last 45 minutes as she’s engrossed. Considering this is a book that is relevant to a school topic, I’d say BSmall Publishing have got this spot-on perfect!

A Roman Adventure book gladiators

A Roman Adventure book is available now from all good booksellers. We were sent a copy of the book for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own. 

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