Animal Noises/ Animal Opposites by Nicola Killen

Animal Noises and Animal Opposites are delightful ‘lift the flap’ board books by author Nicola Killen. They were released on the 29th August by Egmont.

Animal Noises and Animal Oposites by Nicola Killen

After a shaky start  Jacob, now 23 months, is beginning to really enjoy being read to. It wasn’t always easy, only until a couple of months ago he’d throw his soft toys at me whilst I was trying to read to him. But persistence has truly paid off! He now likes a multitude of flap, touch and feel and slightly longer books. In fact, I am always on the lookout for something new!

Animal Noises gives clues to the animal hiding under the flap by giving said animals typical characteristic and noise (‘this wise bird goes TWIT TWOO’). Animal Opposites does exactly what it says on the cover showing big and small, on the ground and in the tree etc. These books are beautifully illustrated with a subtle use of colour.

After a hectic week on my behalf it was actually hubby that got the pleasure of a first read of these books with Jacob. Matt is normally the first to complain if he doesn’t like something, so I was pleasantly surprised that he had nothing but good things to say! On reading the books with Jacob myself I found them to be interactive, encouraging little one to make the noises, Jacob had lots of fun joining in. I also loved that the pictures were clear and simple, helping him to focus on the animal in question.

The other day I left the books downstairs, whilst going to get something, and was thrilled to find Jacob having a good look. He was very entertained with what was going on and enjoyed lifting the flaps.

Animal Noises and Animal Oposites by Nicola Killen

These books are on sale for an RRP on £5.99, which I think is reasonable price. These books are educational, aimed at 2 years plus, and a pleasure to read. To see more books by Nicola Killen, please click here.








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