App Time – Bob the Builder Playtime Fun

Disclaimer – this app has taken us the longest to review – and there’s a reason why. H is a huge Bob fan, but all she wants to do is clean the characters from the show – and that’s one of the game options here; you choose the character, get the sponge and clean them (and there’s almost always some muck left around the wheels) then rinse off with water (you need to be a good aim here, though it’s not difficult), then polish with a cloth.

Every time we’ve played the game, it’s the only part H will actually play.

Bob the Builder Play Time Fun MenuThis morning we’ve sat down together and I’ve instructed her that she has to play the other parts of the game which include:

Clean the Can Do Crew – Can you clean it? Bob the Builder’s machine wash has broken down and needs fixing.  Can you help wash and hose down his muddy crew?
Mix and Paint – Can you mix it? Mix the colours together to create the perfect palette and paint your favourite characters.
Who Is It? – How well do you know the Can Do Crew? Match the characters to their shadows. (you get an Easy or Hard option on this too)
Picture Puzzle – Complete the puzzle by connecting the pieces to create scenes from the TV show. (another option for Easy or Hard)
Memory Game – Remember the location of the character cards to match all the pairs. (another Easy or Hard)
Plus special Sticker Book – collect stickers throughout the games to decorate a various Bob the Builder scenes within a sticker book.

H loves memory games, so played that for a while, and had fun with ‘Who Is It?’, but I’d say within five to ten minutes of playing those games she’d still made her way back to the ‘Clean the Can Do Crew’ section for the bazillionth time – she just loves cleaning, it would seem – even over the colouring in  section which she does enjoy doing.

Bob the Builder Playtime Fun colouring in

The sticker book characters can’t be made larger or smaller (like with the Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly games) which isn’t a problem as they’re in proportion with the scenes you can stick them to.

Neil Morrissey narrates through the game as you’d expect (and if it isn’t him, it’s a good soundalike), and much like the other games from P2 Games it follows a familiar pattern – do well in games and win a sticker. I have to say it’s definitely a hit in our house as H just will not stop cleaning the characters!

Bob the Builder – Playtime Fun! is available for £1.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

We received a code to review this app – all opinions are our own.

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