App Time – My PFF – My Pelvic Floor Fitness

“Don’t forget your tight schedule.”

A random link on a Facebook group of new mums and I’m on my way to recovering my overall wellbeing by exercising my pelvic floor via iPhone App (there’s an app for Android too!).

My Pelvic Floor Fitness (PFF) might sound like a joke, and its tongue in cheek reminder certainly has a sense of humour, but pelvic floor fitness to a new mum or in my case a second time mum, is top priority if we are ever going to sneeze and stay dry down there again.

Of course the last thing on a the post natal mind is exercise – we are too exhausted to think about much other than those precious little people who have turned us into wobbly jiggle bits. Having a toned pelvic floor is important: you may not feel like getting frisky with daddy now, but you will, and you’ll want to know that everything is still in good working order. You may think that holding your wee for hours on end devoted to a demanding baby is enough to keep you dry, but what happens when you sneeze?

Pelvic floor muscles are not just important for wee wee and nookie; your overall health and wellbeing is at stake. Since downloading this awesome FREE app – there isn’t a day that goes by that I forget my “tight schedule”. Tutorials to help you do it right as well as daily reminders, this app is genius!

Review by Tracy – thankyou!

App Time at Mum Friendly

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