We’re Going on a Bramble Hunt With Barny Bear

Barny Bear are a new snack, and one we were sent a box of each flavour to try. Our challenge was to go on an adventure, so we decided to do a spot of foraging locally. We’d come across the snacks at Lollibop though hadn’t tried both flavours, so we knew what to expect.

Barny Bear snacks

Barny Bear come in chocolate and milk flavours, and we’re going on a bramble hunt. BUT. Beforehand, something very peculiar happened. I got to the box of chocolate Barny Bear flavour to get some snacks ready, and found much to my surprise that there was only ONE BARNY LEFT. A big mystery.

50 Things Pooh Sticks

We headed out to Wilderness Island which is a short walk from our house, and started out with a spot of pooh sticks, as H had never played it before. This also covers another of the National Trust 50 Things challenges, so it is duly ticked off in the book. I should do an update as we’re doing pretty well with these too. Wilderness Island has the perfect bridge for Pooh Sticks anyway – the one as you enter. There are also a lot of bramble bushes there.

We got loads, enough for a bramble crumble anyway which was our plan. However, picking brambles is tiring work and you need a snack. Out came the Barny Bear snacks at the right time to help our hunger pangs. I mentioned the empty chocolate box, to which Shaun duly confessed he’d had at LEAST two. Cheeky. Still, it goes to show adults like them too.

Barny Bear Bramble Picking

H insisted on the chocolate Barny Bear on the reasoning her father had eaten most of them – who am I to argue, so she got her own way, going for poor Barny’s head first. We had a quick stop and snack before heading back towards the entrance where there seemed to be a plethora of bramble bushes and the Pooh Sticks Bridge.

Barny Bear

So, what’s to tell about Barny Bear? They’re a bear-shaped sponge snack with two different fillings, launched originally in France over fourteen years ago. The snacks contain no artificial colours or preservatives, and each are individually wrapped in a pack of five. H really liked them and wanted more. I’m standing firm – although they may need to be eaten before Shaun gets his hands on them… ahem!

The ending to our tale, the brambles were plentiful in supply (when we left Wilderness Park and headed towards the old overgrown garages nearby), and tonight for tea we’re having apple and bramble crumble with custard. I fully intend to make green custard to live the school dinner dream from the 1970’s and 80’s that my daughter will never witness. It’s only fair. I love that H will grow up with a good sense of the outdoors around her like I did when I was young, and learn to embrace the kind of school meals that made me into the woman I am.


This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Little Adventures Challenge’ in partnership with Barny, the bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite. Find out more about Barny here.


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