belVita – Because Sometimes I’m a Bit Too Busy.

I seem to be constantly rushing around and finding I’ve run out of time to get things done – such as remembering to bake some bread for toast for my breakfast. It’s good to know there’s something out there which can help; belVita Breakfast Biscuits is their name, and you need to know more.


belVita breakfast biscuits come in thirteen flavours, which all release carbohydrates slowly over four hours. Slow release. I know a bit about that, having followed the GI diet a couple of times – one of those being when I had Gestational Diabetes. I had to look foods that release carbs slowly to help keep my blood sugars level – so a quick croissant is a no-no due to the sugar crash you’ll get. Slow-release carbs also make you feel fuller for longer too.

When you’re rushing around constantly from around 6.30 in the morning until 10 at night such as we often are, you often need a bit of help, which is where belVita comes in. I have a fine selection on my desk thanks to being sent some; some even have chocolate in – which is important when you crave chocolate as often as I do. To stop me going overboard the biscuits are wrapped in individual portion sizes. Too many people skip breakfast, and it’s probably the most important meal of the day.

Here’s a sample day in my week:

2.55pm arrive home from work. Leave bags at home, fill washing machine, set wash off, head to school pickup.
3.30pm – home from school, snack time. Read schoolbooks and get H changed out of her uniform and ready for her swimming lesson. Make sure we eat no food an hour beforehand.
4pm – The washload has finished need to get it out on the line. Put in another load. Check some work I needed to keep an eye on.
4.30 – Head out for swimming lessons. Forget to put talc in H’s swimming hat so rush inside and do it quickly.
5pm – swimming. H gets a couple of awards so we hang around afterwards to pick them up from reception.
6pm – back home again, washing done. Make dinner. Go upstairs to switch on water. Switch it on. Do something else. Think “I really must switch on the water” so go to switch it on, realise it has already been done. Go downstairs again. Curse myself for forgetting to switch on the water, so head back upstairs. Realise I’ve done it and I am losing the plot. Remember to cook dinner though.
6.30 – Shaun arrives home, I head out for a swim.
7.15 – get home again, put H and my swimming things in the wash. Eat the dinner I made at 6pm. Read emails for the day and reply to what I can in around ten minutes.
7.40 – dry H’s hair, get her into bed, cuddle with her for a bit.
8pm – Forget about dessert.
8.45 – watch The Amazing Race on YouTube via our new Chromecast. It’s much easier and nicer than cables from the laptop into the tv too. Too tired to think about anything else. Shaun is also too tired to think about anything else. Remember I forgot about dessert.
10pm – write up some blog posts I need to do.
11pm – bed.
6.30am – wake up and get ready for work.
7.15 – realise we have no bread as we’d forgotten to make some the previous night. Feel kind of relieved I have a good supply of belVita at my desk at work; the sensible place to leave them as otherwise Shaun would eat them all at home (in fact, just tonight he asked why I didn’t bring them home – for that VERY reason!)
8.10am – get into work, settle with a large cappucino from Costa and a belVita biscuit portion.
8.30 – start work, and I don’t feel hungry.
11.00am – I usually have my morning snack around now, but still feel full – result!

Belvita and Costa

This represents a typical day, where I’m constantly forgetting things in our daily lives (as is Shaun). Having belVita handy means I’m not buying croissants or sticky buns – which are always the till options when I’m buying my lunch.

belVita’s balanced breakfast would include the following – a belVita breakfast biscuit portion (they’re individually wrapped), a portion of fruit, a serving of dairy and a drink to hydrate. See? Not too tricky at all really!

You can follow belVita on Facebook. If you fancy trying them, they’re available in all supermarkets.

This post is an entry for the #morningstories linky challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast. Learn more at

We were sent three packs of belVita Breakfast Biscuits to try, all opinions are our own.

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