Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom ‘The Elf Games’ DVD Review

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We love Ben and Holly in this house. I love it when H makes a friend called Ben so there’s a Ben and Holly reference, though I also realise this could be just me who finds this funny.

Anyway, it may have escaped your attention, but this summer we’re hosting the Olympic Games in the UK. This means anything and everything is going (or getting ready to) Olympic Crazy. (there’s also the Queen’s Jubilee which we’ll come to another time)

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom The Elf Games DVDBen and Holly’s Little Kingdom are no exception – there’s a brand new DVD ‘The Elf Games‘ due for release by Entertainment One on May 14th, with a RRP of £8.99. You get ten episodes (coming in at around 11 minutes each), including The Elf Games, Cows, The Toy Robot, Dinner Party, Big Bad Barry, The Wand Factory, King Thistle’s Birthday, Daisy & Poppy’s Pet, The Elf Rocket and Picnic on the Moon. There’s no new content, but in true Ben and Holly fashion there’ll be plenty of magic, exploding or expanding jelly, mischievous princesses and elves and some proper laugh out loud moments in all the episodes.

Ben and Holly The Elf Games

Most of these episodes are being aired on Nick Jr at the moment, though there’s a few we haven’t seen. Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is made by the makers of Peppa Pig – so you know you’re onto a good thing.
We received a preview DVDR for review.

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