Big Fish Little Fish Events – 2-4 Hour Party People

Big Fish Little Fish Events are a new monthly Sunday afternoon event in Brixton.

If you know your ‘Voodoo Ray’ from your Voodoo Queens then this may be for you – Big Fish Little Fish Events.

The tagline ‘2-4 hour party people’ made me chuckle – if you remember 1990 (or indeed if you don’t remember 1990 but have children now) then this will be your cup of tea.

Big Fish Little Fish EventsWe attended a special launch event to get a taster of what’s to come. Big Fish Little Fish is held at the Effra Social in Brixton and has a bbq and ice cream stall at the front with a cash bar and cakes from Rosie’s Deli Cafe in the main dance area – plus there’s healthy snacks for kids. H got a glowstick bracelet which she’s become surgically attached to (quite literally).

I spotted a buggy and scooter storage area too which is safe and covered.

Our first impressions – it was quite loud – we couldn’t really chat to each other much and H has never been a fan of loud places, but after a little nudge she was off, this may have something to do with me appealing to her competitive nature (‘I bet you can’t dance as well as me’).

Big Fish Little Fish’s DJ’s didn’t play at club-level volume though it was high – with my tinnitus ears it felt sensitive – but if you’re used to higher volume music you’ll be fine – just bear it in mind if your child is like H.

Mid-way through the event we had a cockney knees-up from Nanna of Underbling and Vow, before we were straight back into dancing – from ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast to some Chic to some ‘Hanging on a String’ by Loose Ends (where I had a weird urge to dance on one leg – did they do that?) – so it’s not strictly rave but it has a good beat. H was in her element and loved dancing to these.

We sat outside towards the end and sampled the ice cream from Crystal Creams – the perfect weather and we were hot and needed to cool down.

Outside families discussed the festivals they were going to this year – albeit with their kids. It’s an afternoon social designed for us former festival goers who miss our old music while keeping it child-friendly. There were balloons all over the venue which H enjoyed.

We missed the very end, and reading Twitter it sounds like ‘The Sun Rising’ was the final Big Fish Little Fish song, sigh. I love that song too…

Big Fish Little Fish events will run monthly from September 21st from 2-4.30pm each event with a fancy dress theme. Tickets are a very reasonable price too – check the site for more info. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

We were given free entry to the launch event, all opinions are our own!


  1. Hi Jo,

    Thanks so much for the review.

    As it was a test run, we really value the feedback – we’ll be sending out questionnaires to everyone who came but we’ll definitely consider setting the volume a bit lower if the consensus is that it was too loud.

    The ice creams were by Crystal Creams btw, not the Ice Kitchen.

    Do you fancy doing a competition for a family to come free in September?

    Thanks again for coming and giving us such a great review! I think you really captured what we were trying to achieve.

    All the best,


    1. hellooo!

      Thank you, I’ve fixed the ice cream people – ohh they were delicious!

      For me, I’m sensitive to louder noise so felt it, but it might just be me – and the fact H got up and danced was a HUGE thing for us as she’s often the one scared by noise and crying in a corner on one of our knees, so it was a massive step for her confidence-wise.

      I’d love to do a giveaway – will drop you an email tonight – thank you! xx


  2. Hi Jo

    I wanted to echo Natasha’s thanks for the review. Delighted that you and you little one enjoyed it. Did you have a chance to check out the baby-friendly chillout room at the back, behind the stage? Things were quieter in there with lots of inflatables, pop up tents etc and a 1920s/30s mix of music. That’s not to say we won’t reduce the volume in the main room if many people found it off-putting – but the back room gave a good breakout space.

    Thanks again.

    Hannah – BFLF MD


    1. no problem! Aaah and that’s what was there – we didn’t check, as I thought it was the steps to the stage – we’d have checked it out, sorry! (I’ll edit and mention it too) – it sounds fab!

      My highlight was hoping ‘Voodoo Ray’ would come on and H would dance – and it happened, it took me right back to going to Manchester back then (I’m from York and we drove there a lot for gigs) – and thank you too!


  3. Hey there, we went along to the BFLF event too, would have loved to have known more bloggers there. We did have a good time, the boys are pretty used to that ‘party atmosphere’ by now as I do cart them around. Often takes them time to warm up, but they were soon happy kicking a balloon around. I appreciated the music, especially the last set. Also nice jerk chicken BBQ and yes, yummy ice creams!


    1. ahh I think we were both at the Forest Holidays event recently? I’ve been following you since then – I even had my Cybher bag on to try and look like a blogger 🙂

      H is a funny girl, she’s not keen on noise, never has been, though I’m not sure if that’s me protecting her from it (with my tinnitus) – I wish we’d stayed inside for the last set now!!


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