Blackout Blinds

It’s an issue most of my friends have come across (including those without kids) – which blackout blind to use? So here’s a few we use, or have recently come across… read on.

We use the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind¬†which I’ve found to be great, though it does have it’s downsides – in that you can’t really open the windows when it’s up, especially on warm evenings. Having said that, now it’s darker I’m finding that it’s helping keep H’s room quite warm (we don’t have heating in her room). The biggest bonus with this is the amount of window space it will cover – and it can adjust easily too. It’s easily the cheapest option at ¬£20, plus you can take it anywhere (hence the name…)

At The Baby Show for Trade recently I caught the Magic Blackout Blind which attaches itself to your window via static – it looks great, is tidy, and is something I’d definitely consider. They featured on Dragon’s Den too!

In our room we have an Ikea blackout blind, which are quite reasonable in price, and do the job, though light does creep in around the sides. The cord also needs to be fixed to the wall, as it’s a toddler hazard… H managed to pull one off the wall within a week. Fortunately Ikea gave me a free replacement.

Lightsoutblinds are a new company, and I’m liking how their blinds fit – from the side, so you can open your windows. They work using suction pads (as the Gro one does), which tighten – they’ll be at The Baby Show this coming weekend, so if anyone gets to see them, report back please! Find them over here – Lights Out Portable Blackout Blind.

So what do you use? Does it work? Comment below, and let us know!

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