Book Character Week

After the Easter break comes H’s school Book Character Week. There’s a day with a parade when they’re all dressed up like their favourite character.

H’s current favourite is Milly Molly Mandy. She can’t get enough of the books and has to read two stories every night from the paperback I got her.

milly molly mandy

You’d think a Milly Molly Mandy dress would be easy, wouldn’t you? But no. It isn’t.
A pink vertical striped dress – that’s all. Nowhere has pink vertical striped dresses. John Lewis have one which may have to do. Etsy have some choice but are in the US & Australia so there’s no guarantee it would get here on time.

I’m stumped! Now the obvious thing here would be to change books, as she’s currently enjoying reading some DC Super Friends ones we’ve been sent for review, a Superman or Spiderman costume is easy to come by, but it feels like a cop out – a bit like when she went as Rapunzel (with her Tangled book) for World Book Day that time. There were also about 20 or more other Rapunzel’s, it has to be said.

There really is only one option left. I need to make it. Or pay someone to make it for me! What would you do? We will have a little bit more time, but I need to get the sewing machine (and find fabric) and somehow make it.

I can do it! I can!

Or can I?

No pressure there. Has anyone else ever made a Milly Molly Mandy dress?

Follow my Pinterest board over here, which has a few Milly Molly Mandy dresses I’ve seen, including the one I went for in the end!


  1. We love love love Milly Molly Mandy … now a fourth generation fave in our house!

    Have you tried Brixton market for fabric? There’s a little shop on Atlantic road where we often strike lucky.


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