BritMums WeightWatchers Back2Best Challenge Week 2

Hello! Here’s my Week 2 update. Firstly, may as well break the good news – I appear to have lost 3lb! I don’t want them back, thankyou, so if you do happen to find them they’re all yours.

So this week has been an interesting one. I’ve made some discoveries – I can eat the same as I did pre-WW, it’s about the portion sizes (most of which I’d been doing way too high) – which has been very easy to fix.

My biggest problem last week was my lunches at work. I’d be choosing a sandwich and doing the Sainsburys £3 meal deal, trying to find a healthy option (and usually failing) – a sandwich would come in at around 14 points which is really too high. HOWEVER – they have their healthy range, and an egg mayo sandwich comes in at around 7 points – not the most exciting of sandwiches there – AND they’ve put the points on the sandwich. Alas my local Sainsburys doesn’t always have them in stock, so my new fall back is sushi – as I’d never have thought they’re low points – but they are. Oh, and I don’t actually have to do a meal deal – who needs Snack A Jacks and fruit juice anyway? I only bought them as it worked out at a good discount.

So now I’m a little more on track than I was last week. Eventually I’ll get some energy and make food the night before, but for now I’m pleased I can buy something that’s low points. I also tried soup for the first couple of days, although that prevents me leaving my desk and having a walk for lunch (and every single little walk is being tracked on Endomondo now, to make sure I’m getting everything logged properly) – so I wont do it every day. That works out really low, points-wise.

The WeightWatchers app is helping me a lot, it’s like some little creature with its own little personality trapped in my iPod – me and the app are in a little bit of a battle, and one which I’m winning – just by me keeping within my points. I’ve dipped into ‘the overdraft’ a couple of times (and only by 2 points when I have), so I feel like it’s definitely me 3, WW app 1. We’ll see. It’s also really good for working out portion sizes when we’re out and about. Being on the iPod means I’m not online all the time, but there’s so many networks available when you’re on the go I’m logging everything quickly. It’s really convenient and much faster than doing it directly online – it’s also really straightforward to add items to the system.

Poundland stock a decent range of WeightWatchers food – so I got a load of things (snacks for work and so on) for a fiver which pleased me a lot – including some crisps – the nachos – which are really tasty. Even better they’re on a 6 packs for the price of 4 kind of deal, so that’s over a weeks worth of snacks at work there – and at 2 points per pack. They’ve also got the bread rolls – and they’re proper bake in the oven rolls – 2 points each again and they taste really  good.

In addition to this weightloss, my jeans are feeling quite loose – I was even able to fit my camera into one of the front pockets (something I’ve never been able to do)! I fear I may need to spend money soon… not too soon but soon… and I only got these jeans at Christmas…

We ate out today at Pizza Express where I tried one of their 500 calorie pizzas (which will be approximately 12 points – the kind with the salad in the middle) – and while I wasn’t full afterwards I can have some fruit or veg when I get home if I need to snack.

Looking ahead, next weekend could be our first quiet one in ages, so we’re going to attempt to cook something from our WeightWatchers cookbook, so hopefully this time next week I’ll be reporting back on that.

So yes, a positive week so far – I’ve been able to have wine, gin, pizza and not go over my points. I did plenty of activities (walking mainly) which earned me some really good points – and I lost that weight. Excellent! I’m also being realistic, I know I’m not going to lose lots next week like this as otherwise by Christmas I’ll be a stick, quite possibly – but I’ll keep on keeping on, oh yes indeedy.

WeightWatchers Back2Best Challenge with BritMums

Disclosure – I have been given six months of free WeightWatchers membership. All opinions are my own.


    1. thankyou! Aw Paula – we need to have some phone time or something and chat about it – you can do it! Have you changed much of your regular diet? I’ve tried to keep mine as similar as possible and work on the good stuff vs bad and do more of the good, less of the bad which is working (for now!) – and I feel less like giving it up too – and can still have pizza so I don’t feel like I’m denying myself anything!


      1. I’ve not changed it too much just reduced the portion sizes… just struggling with the sweet things and the fact i’m still hungry at times. I’m down a lb since i started just not where i quiet wanted to be as of yet!


  1. Congrats on your loss. Hope you enjoy trying some recipes this week. I’ve done a few so far and they’ve all been lovely. Hubs is even eating ‘diet food’ with me without moaning!


  2. Well done you! I lost 2.5lbs last week but I’m afraid I’ve put them back on again since then. I’ve been feeling ill so comfort eating:( We’ll see… Weigh in at Rosemary Conley on Wednesday. Will try to be good until then! Good luck, glad it’s going well for you xx


  3. That’s a fantastic start – well done!!!!!

    Looking forward to the journey together xx


  4. Well done! Love the fact you’ve found alternatives to keep your points down – brava!
    Wishing you another healthy loss this week 🙂


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