BritMums WeightWatchers Back2Best Challenge – Week 6

Okay, so last week I was back in York and couldn’t do my weigh-in until Monday – where I’d gained 1lb. I kind of expected it as we had to rely on motorway service food (which had next to no low-calorie sandwich options), and spent a total of 12 hours driving (so no exercise) so things weren’t going to be great.

Then there was Friday just gone – a gig. I reverted back to old ways – eating well at work but on getting home with H I didn’t have time to make any food before I had to be out again – so it was a West Cornwall Pasty Co Vegetable pasty at Wimbledon Station. I knew it would be bad, but I had no idea how bad – 18 points. GULP. It was delicious and thank goodness I only checked today. The wedges were just as bad – around 10 points. That’s pretty much an entire allowance for a day. Then I had a few drinks.. I was socialising with friends and catching up with them – another 17 points. I FEEL SHAME.

I also felt quite hungover yesterday so calmed my raging head with… double chocolate cookies. That sounds bad, but they’re WeightWatchers ones so I feel less guilty – I spotted Ocado have a cookie mixture so H and I did a spot of mixing, baking and eating. They’re 1 point each, though have an annoying habit of creeping up to 7 points when you have five. (this is one thing I wish WW did – said say, 1.3 points per thing if it’s slightly over – I get caught out a lot by this)

Making WeightWatchers Cookies

So now for the weigh-in… I have in fact gained another 1lb. Sob. So that’s 2lb gained over two weeks. (and in some ways mentally prepares me for Christmas and potential weight gain then)

One big thing for us is a purchase I made this week – a Morphy Richards Soup Maker. I’ve done a review, and yes – why have a soup maker when you have pans? It’s a timesaver thing for me – as we often get in from work at 5.45 and eat at 6.30. We eat quite a lot of soup, so as long as I chop and prepare the vegetables the night before, I can leave it to cook while I get some time with H. Our first soup was a bit bland, however Shaun’s first go on it was quite a yummy spicy concoction…

Morphy Richards Soup Maker

There’s been a few stressful things going on, and I’ve definitely turned to food a bit more than usual. However, I’ve not been as bad as I used to be and I still stayed within the ‘overdraft’. Actually, one of the things my mum said which kind of summed up how I think she views diets is that “you have to allow yourself a treat every now and then” – which is exactly what I shouldn’t be doing. I should be eating what I want, and if I eat a little more, then I know I’ve the extra points to cover it and knowing my portion sizes. Maybe it’s the same thing but coming from different angles, I’m not sure. There’s WeightWatchers foods out there which cover my chocolate needs, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

Anyway, I met up with loads of friends I’ve not seen for a good couple of years and everyone said I’d lost weight – which was a big boost.

We’ve our NCT Halloween gathering later today, though I’m driving so no drinking – so it’s just keeping an eye on portion sizes instead… and cake. Wish me luck…

WeightWatchers Back2Best Challenge with BritMums

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