Bucket List

I need to make sure all those things I’ve always wanted to do get done. So I’m starting my bucket list. This will be added to and amended when things have been done, but gives me a focus on the things I would like to make sure I do. Some are stupid little things where I’m revisiting my childhood, and others are things I’ve never done. 

1. Go to the Dick Bruna Huis in Utrecht (edit – we’re going in August, but the Huis is closed for refurbishment. H says “oh, we’ll just have to go next year then” – good girl!)
2. Go to Amsterdam (done)
3. Go to Eurovision (just the once)
4. Take H to Salzburg so she can do the Sound of Music tour too.
5. Take H to see Annie on the stage. (done)
6. Go to Cornwall. (done)
7. Take H to a festival. (if Lollibop counts, then done)
8. Go to Germany again.
9. Take H to Blackpool.
10. Do the Miffy Trail in the Netherlands this year (done) 
11. Finish reading the Morrissey book. 
12. Go to CenterParcs in Belgium next year (as inspired by Jennifer)
13. Take H to a game of Football at Wembley. (done)
14. Take H to a Tottenham game (we’ve done a stadium tour and we’re women’s season ticket holders so that counts) (done)
15. Take H to a York City game. (Done!)
16. See Matilda at the theatre (done!)
17. Go to the York Pantomime (the proper Berwick Kaler one) (done!)
18. Go camping. (done!)


  1. I have to say you must do the festival thing. We loved Camp Bestival last year but if you fancy a smaller, closer to home one that isn’t too much of an assault on your senses and also a bit in keeping with NT 50 things, then Elderflower Fields is lovely – and only in Uckfield. We won our tickets for this year but we’ve bought early bird ones for next year. It’s nice and small and friendly. 🙂


    1. ohh that’s really close – I saw you posting about it, but could never remember the name. I like the sound of it – and Uckfield isn’t far at all, easily driveable. They’ve got the timing right too! I like small and friendly – how much is the early bird ticket?


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