Chocolate Soreen Flapjack

As we’ve previously said on here, we’re big Soreen lovers in this house. Now school is almost up and packed lunches will be made for Holiday Club for H, I know we’ll be buying a lot more.

There’s one thing though. Soreen and I haven’t worked together creatively enough. (I do realise I need to instigate this, as Soreen is just a mere humble malt loaf whereas I am someone who makes and bakes things when I feel like it)

Fortunately, when the mood takes me there are often handy videos which make it seem like the kind of thing that anyone can do – and this one is no exception!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present a video for Chocolate Soreen Flapjack!

I’ve found Chocolate Soreen in my local Sainsburys and Tesco, but not the Local type stores unfortunately. As soon as I get some, Chocolate Soreen Flapjack is on the menu, oh yes indeedy.

For more Soreen recipes, head over here.

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