Dear Parents of Summer Babies,

I’m sending you a little letter on here to reassure you about school, especially since H started in Reception last September.

I’m pretty sure she’s the youngest in Reception, a late August baby.

From the moment she was born, we were told things like “oh, she’ll struggle at school but at least she’ll get weighting” and “oh dear, a young one” – like her future was already set out. (btw, weighting doesn’t exist any more)

Fortunately, her future is decided entirely by her; with guidance and support along the way from Shaun and I as parents, plus her teachers at school.

Yesterday we had her first report, and happily she’s ahead of most targets and is doing well. So parents of summer babies, don’t fret. Go with your child’s lead. H loves reading – she always has. The minute words stopped becoming individual phonics sounds and she was able to decode them, there was no turning back.

When we found out that her numeracy could do with some work we signed up to Eggy Numbers, the Reading Eggs numeracy app to support her learning through simple games. Actually, in reception the most they’re expected to do is recognise numbers up to 20 so this is ideal. I can highly recommend all the Eggy Numbers games anyway, as well as the Eggy Alphabet ones.

Let your child find their way. H loves creating things and doing pictures, arty things as well as music, yet that was her lowest score. Score. Sounds wrong when you’ve Reception-age children. But that’s how it is. Her work isn’t bad, it’s the expected level, but that gives us something to work on for next year – she’s already said she’d like to learn the recorder and the violin.

She might not be the best at everything, but I don’t want her to be the best. I want her to do HER best, and that’s all I can ask of her. She’s done me proud this year, and I know Year 1 will be a challenge as it’s getting into proper school work, but she’ll manage. If not, we’ll deal with it.

My main point though, it’s not a braggy “oo look my daughter has done well” post – it’s a “don’t listen to people who tell you your child won’t do well because of when they are born” – I spent almost three terms fretting she wouldn’t keep up thanks to the way I’d been programmed to think, and actually she’s done marvellously.

So yes, that’s all really. You’ll panic, we all do. Your child will get there, it isn’t too bad. Honestly. This time next year hopefully you’ll be breathing normally again too.

me x

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