Decluttering – an Update

It all started off so well, with good intentions. We were going to get rid of EVERYTHING and I was inspired – except I wasn’t. It was depressing, I was getting rid of the things I was keeping just in case H had a younger sibling, a dream which is never going to happen.

Once I’d got over having to get rid of things, I started to remember what we actually have. We have a lot.. too much, in fact. Things that need to go. Fortunately we have some good local selling sites, and I know a few new mums and childminders around here, so I set up a photo album on my profile at Facebook. This got rid of a few bits quickly, which in turn got me inspired to get rid of things we’ve bought that have lived in the loft. I listed loads of things on a local Facebook selling group, and they’ve gone quickly.

So it’s farewell to H’s bike which was too small from over a year ago, farewell Trunki, farewell Moover Pram, toodle-pip Bumbo, be off with you slide and sandpit, and so many other things. The old baby clothes were overwhelming to the point I couldn’t face looking through them but had to make sure the Joy Division babygro I’d had specially made would survive. Shaun took several bags of clothes to the local Cash for Clothes place and came back with our first money.

After that, things have been selling. People want our things! Still nobody wants the Ozbozz scooter which H rode on outside for one WHOLE minute preventing me from taking it back to the shop and getting a larger one (it was too small for her). It has lived inside the box since we bought it over two years ago now. This must change! I feel like this week is the week someone will buy it.

I’m being really sensible about it too – H wants a trampoline, and so any money made is for the trampoline fund – I just need to work out how big we can go. Our current fund we’ve made so far is just under £150 which is pretty incredible – especially when you consider the amount of things I’ve given away for nothing.

So yes, the decluttering is coming along very well indeed. At last.

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  1. Well done! You’ve done amazingly well both in the clearing out and the money-making. I have a completely unsentimental, get rid of it all mother, so I am guilty of being a bit of a hoarder when it comes to the girls’ things. Luckily the clothes etc have worked their way through all three, and hopefully another one too, but the garage is full of toys and things that they’re not really interested in but I don’t want to part with, just in case… I think we may have to tackle a spring car boot sale, our local selling pages aren’t great, alas. Keep up the good work, she’s going to have a MASSIVE trampoline at this rate!! Lx


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