Deluxe LED Fogless Mirror – Review

We rent our home so we’re really limited with what we can do, especially fastening things on walls, and so on.

When the opportunity came up to review this mirror, it hadn’t hit me how perfect this would be for us – it was only sitting on the train and having a moment of horror – our bathroom steams up horribly (and the landlady wont install a fan) – had I left a line around my chin where my face pack had been?!

Deluxe LED Fogless Mirror by ToiletTreeThis is a 7.30am train kind of thought where you’re still half asleep, and I only remembered I’d had that thought by 10am and commented to my workmates. “You need one of those mist-free mirrors!” quipped one, and she was right too.

It arrived, and it’s small – it almost looks like a computer monitor! It fixes to the wall using silicone sealer which is easy to remove (ideal for renters like us), and the best bit, it’s really easy to use. All you do is put hot water down the back of the mirror, and voila! One mist-free mirror. There’s also two light settings which are handy for those areas you can’t quite see.

There’s a small shelf which fits razors – and underneath a small squeegee slides in which can be used to keep the screen mist free.

If my husband shaved, then he’d get good use from this, so at the moment it’s mainly me – but oh my, it’s made the things I do in the shower much easier to do – AND I’ll never have that face pack moment again!

I was initially worried about how secure it would be attached to the wall, but actually it’s stayed well put – we’re both really impressed with it.

You can buy the ToiletTree Deluxe LED Fogless Mirror on Amazon for £22.95 (at the moment!)

I received one to review from ToiletTree, and all opinions are my own.

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