Dining Out at Zizzi

Sunday we were in central London and had every intention of going to Pizza Express – though we hadn’t taken into account that the Victoria Station one had been knocked down, so did a quick rethink as we didn’t want to walk too far, H was tired too.

Zizzi Chilli Oil

Fortunately we found Zizzi – I’ve never eaten there before so it was a new experience for us all. We were shown to our seats quickly and served straight away – H was presented with her menu and some colouring pencils so she got straight to work doing her colouring in. I checked the iPad and they offer free Wifi via The Cloud, so was able to find a 25% off our food deal at Zizzi Deals (valid until the 13th February) – I liked we were able to do this, as we rarely plan ahead so would never have known had it not been for the free internet – and I love a good deal.

Zizzi Menu

Their menu had a good choice, especially the vegetarian options. They also had a low-calorie section (a smaller wholemeal pizza with a generous salad which came in around 14 points) and I quite liked how there were large oils on the tables – chilli oil too – my favourite!

Shaun ordered a pizza with potato on it (which looked really yummy), and H ordered a cheese and tomato one from the Bambini menu (starter, pizza or pasta and a dessert). Shaun and I had diet coke to drink and H had a juice. We ordered some dough sticks for starters.

Zizzi Low Calorie Pizza

The food came quickly and we didn’t have to wait too long – considering the restaurant was quite full we were impressed with this.

We skipped on dessert, though helped H with her two scoops of strawberry ice cream which was delicious.

After the discount, our food came in at £30 which is comparable to Pizza Express Рpossibly cheaper which again impressed us as we often go to the former as we know roughly what it will cost us.

Even better, with my low-calorie option I felt full for the rest of the afternoon. We’ll definitely go back!

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