Disneyland Paris to Lille via the Eurostar – Going Home

I tried to find information for taking the Eurostar from Disneyland Paris to Lille. We weren’t getting a direct train back to London, but there wasn’t a lot out there. So here’s what we’ve experienced.

Disneyland Paris to Lille via the Eurostar is a simple journey. You just turn up at Marne la Vallée in time for your train. At this point it doesn’t involve passport checks as you’re travelling within France. You’re not even travelling on a Eurostar train.

Our SNCF train arrived on time (take note, Southern) and we had allocated seats. We stopped at the station earlier to get our tickets printed, as we didn’t get them at St Pancras. This took 25 minutes with queues – the machines weren’t playing ball with our booking. Around an hour later we arrived at Lille. I think the train was going on to Brussels afterwards!

Just exit the train, go up the escalator and you’ll find yourself in the main part of Lille Station. There didn’t seem to be any signs for the Eurostar. Then I spotted a sign for a British lounge (with a Union Jack on it), so headed that way. It was at the opposite end of the station and is the right place to go.

Once you’re there you’ll find yourself at the passports/security barrier area. The Eurostar tickets got scanned in and our bags and suitcases x-rayed. Then it was passport clearance, leaving France and then entering the UK. After that you’re in an area with food and drink where you can wait for your train to arrive.

We had a 35 minute wait and had at least 15 minutes time, getting through passport control in no time at all.

Disneyland Paris to Lille via the Eurostar is a straightforward journey. It was much easier than us going back into Paris from Disneyland and going via Gare du Nord!

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