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Today I was sent an exciting package – a six month subscription to the new DisneyLife service. So I thought I’d start this off a bit differently – as I feel like I have a lot of DisneyLife questions to ask.

DisneyLife questions, DisneyLife six month subscription

DisneyLife launched in November 2015, so is still in its early days, but has a lot of potential. Think of it as a child-friendly Netflix – at least, that’s what I’m reading from reviews.

So I thought I’d do a post before we’ve started using it, asking all my DisneyLife questions – and in fact, if you’re reading, maybe you have some to ask as well? Feel free to add them here and we’ll do our best to work it out.

My first one – is it worth £9.99 a month? What do you get? Considering we’ll spend quite a lot on Disney and Pixar related DVDs, could this replace our buying habits?

Question two – how soon do films come onto DisneyLife after being released on DVD? For Christmas H got Inside Out, The Incredibles and Big Hero 6. They’ll all be getting repeated viewings, so are they all available? I’m curious to find out what the turnaround time is.

Question three – how is the quality of the films? And which of our devices is it compatible with? At the moment we have two iPads, one Samsung tablet and two Kindle Fire’s (one of which has a subscription to Amazon Kids), as well as a MacBook Pro and a WiiU (which we use for Amazon / Lovefilm video). Add to that a Chromecast, and it should be something fairly straightforward to use.

Question four – you know what you’re getting with Disney. We have a LOT of Disney DVDs. There are going to be favourites in there – and I’ve noticed films like Snow White haven’t been available on DVD for ages – will DisneyLife have it?

Question five – Music. We have ‘Now That’s What I Call Disney’ on CD, and it’s wonderful, bringing back memories of my childhood. I’m looking forward to seeing which songs feature on the music part of the package.

Question six – what exactly is DisneyLife?
Movies, Music, Books, Kids TV Box Sets and Apps – in a monthly subscription of £9.99 which you can cancel at any time – I love things where you aren’t tied into annual contracts as I feel like the company has to work to keep you there rather than making it difficult for you to leave. This YouTube video tells you lots too…

Question seven – what are you looking forward to the most?

I can answer that – watching more DisneyPixar movies – we haven’t really watched the Cars/Planes series much, and have wanted to, so that’ll be one of the first ones!

So, lovely readers, do you have any DisneyLife questions you would like to ask?

DisneyLife’s website is here. We’ve been provided with a six month subscription for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own.

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