Easter On Nick Jr.


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We’re very much a Nick Jr. house here, thanks to their almost constant Peppa Pig repeats, and some Yo Gabba Gabba in the early hours (recorded, don’t worry, we’re not that bad!), and of course Dora The Explorer.

Easter is coming, and there’s some specially themed programmes coming up too – we’ve got Dora’s Easter Adventure – and Team Umizoomi have an Easter themed episode too.

We were sent a preview DVD, so having found the time in our busy schedule to sit and watch, all programmes get a huge thumbs up from H, a proper Dora addict these days, demanding we go to Car Boot Sales for Boots – and we’re not talking footwear any more (I think she thinks Boots The Monkey will be there).

Dora Easter - Copy[1]Dora’s Easter Adventure involves Dora and Boots rescuing eggs from the Hip-Hop-Bunny’s basket after Swiper swiped them (always a great excuse to shout “SWIPER NO SWIPING!”) – and what’s worse is it’s for their Easter Egg hunt. Oh, and the Hip-Hop-Bunny does have some slightly hip hop sounding songs too – as ever, it’s standard fab Dora stuff, the map of course makes an appearance and Swiper is just plain bad again!
Dora’s Easter Adventure is on Nick Jr Friday 30th March at 4.30pm.


Team Umizoomi have the Umi City Egg Hunt coming in April – they’re on a hunt for the extra special Rainbow Egg – it takes a tumble down a rabbit hole, so the tiny Team have to jump in after it – where they discover a world of rabbits – they’ve got to be quick as if they don’t get the rainbow egg, it’s set to be scrambled!

Keep an eye out for transmission dates for this.

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