Easy No-Cook Brownies

Here’s our slightly modified easy no-cook brownies recipe!

To make these no-cook brownies you need the following :

1 cup of pecans

1 cup of dates

a third of a cup of cocoa powder

one small person for squishing (not literally, just for the mixture, honest).

no-cook brownie ingredients

I blasted the pecans in my processor until they looked like this.

pecan no-cook brownie

Add the dates and process them again.

pecan and date no-cook brownie

Then finally added the cocoa powder.

The no-cook brownies mixture felt a bit dry so I added some honey to make it a bit stickier (a not too generous squeeze, enough to make it moist but not sticky).

After that it was a case of lining a tray with greaseproof paper, and getting H to squish the mixture so it was nice and flat.

chief no-cook brownie squisher

Put the no-cook brownies in the fridge to set….

pecan and date no-cook brownie

All you need to do after that is cut the brownies into pieces and try not to scoff it all at once. The no-cook brownies are really light, feel healthy, quite chocolatey (so if you want to reduce it, add less cocoa) and stick together well.

no cook brownies

This recipe is adapted from here and here.

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