FactFeed – The Ultimate Book of Randomly Awesome Trivia

‘Love fun facts? Then you’ll love this book!’ says FactFeed – The Ultimate Book of Randomly Awesome Trivia. So we delved inside – because there’s trivia and there’s randomly awesome trivia. Which was this book to be?

FactFeed - The Ultimate Book of Randomly Awesome Trivia

FactFeed – The Ultimate Book of Randomly Awesome Trivia is by Penelope Arlon, Tory Gordon-Harris and Karen Hood, and claims to be packed full of randomly awesome trivia.

Oh, and I haven’t mentioned it yet, but it is also one of the books which has made it to the final of the Blue Peter Book Awards 2016 (the ‘Best book with facts’ category), which will be revealed this year. The BookTrust sent us a copy, and H has been poring over it ever since.

When you have a need for randomly awesome trivia, I would say this is the kind of book you need to go for. Well laid out pages with subjects grouped together – so for example, there are pages on extinction and several facts; from Extinct Animals and it’s ALL OUR FAULT, to Extinct Animals which made a BIG impression, to Amazing Animals on the brink of EXTINCTION (SAVE THEM!).

FactFeed is sorted into the categories of The Natural World, Science & Tech and Everyday life. Within everyday life you have topics like Superheroes, crisps, language, the human body, music, sports, states, movies.

I really like the Science & Tech numbers section – I’ve often had to try and go through the amount of zeroes for numbers (and truly, I did not know a centillion existed, nor that it was the biggest number which ends in -illion, so even I’m learning here).

See, there comes a point where your child starts to get a bit smarter than you – I don’t remember a lot of things I was taught at school, it was a long time ago. FactFeed is the kind of book where your child find even smarter facts, but you can have a sneaky read when they’ve gone to bed, so you don’t feel quite so daft.

You know in magazines where there’s always a section with random facts? Imagine that in a book – it’s really well laid out and while it isn’t the kind of book you’d sit and read like a story, it’s definitely one for trivia fans.

It’s perfect for a child of H’s age who is curious – and I’d highly recommend!

FactFeed – The Ultimate Book of Randomly Awesome Trivia is published by Scholastic and is available now. Watch Blue Peter on the 3rd March 2016 (World Book Day) to see if it wins!

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  1. My son would love this. He watched newsround every morning, and comes running through excitedly to tell me about things that have happened. Most of which I should already know about, but don’t!


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