Fitbug Air Progress

I’ve had my Fitbug Air pedometer almost permanently clipped to my waistband this last month and a half, and the results so far are interesting.

I’ve been using the Fitbug Air – a pedometer which sends your data by bluetooth to the Fitbug app on my iPad – where it breaks down what you’re walking into the kind of data I understand.

I’ve found there’s been occasional days when I completely forget to wear it but generally I’m doing well. On days at work I can average over 6000 steps which includes walking down the hill at lunchtime (at a fast pace, I only have 30 minutes lunch) while when I’m at home my levels drop.

Fitbug Air Weekly

The Fitbug app has had an update recently too, and I’m finding scrolling between weeks to compare my data is a lot easier. In July it looks like this :

Fitbug Air July

I can break that down into week and see a few times I’ve beaten my aerobic steps target, so it has been adjusted –  the Fitbug Air doesn’t make it easy for me and adjusts according to what I’ve done.

There is a section to put in your goals, although you can’t just do 12.2 for 12 stone 2 – it has to be in pounds, so I haven’t filled it in yet. It’d be good to have an option as more often than not I’m tired and don’t have the time to think.

Today’s steps are pretty good – see here :

Fitbug Air Today

My aerobic step count is pretty high, which I’m putting down to running like crazy for the train this morning as well as walking fast at lunchtime, the totals please me a lot and I like the breakdown of my steps.

The next thing I need to look at is nutrition, but while I’m doing Porridge on Tuesday that may be too much logging, so I’m going to leave it for now and work on my fitness. The Fitbug Air stays on my waistband and has only fallen off once (I knocked it with my hand)  which is great as I often just forget it’s there.

My next task is to work on understanding a bit more in the menus, so far it all makes a lot of sense and I’m feeling healthier exercise-wise.

I’ve been told the Android version of the Fitbug app should be launching around October time although this hasn’t been confirmed. I also realised you can’t transmit your data to your iPad from the Fitbug Air without a wireless connection – so having it compatible with my phone would be a huge bonus.

For more information about the Fitbug Air head over here.

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