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Just in case you missed it, the Olympics are on right now in London. I’m sure you haven’t, as it’s everywhere. Having a three year old has been interesting – she’s only just grasping the concept of competing and winning medals and that people are doing this from all over the world (also helped with her dual nationality) – and while I’m no expert on who does what (other than the well known people), I’m being swept along with how great it has been – and I want to teach her more about the athletes she’s watching and the people who competed in previous events which has made the games what it is.

Which brings me to our next giveaway – Amazing People Book Club eBooks. The books on offer are Amazing Olympic Stories 1 & 2 and Amazing People of London. We’re giving away a set of three books – and these books are fab. They’re iPad books, only available via the iBookstore/Apple Store (in this format).

Amazing Olympic Stories Vol 1

The two Olympic books go into the history of the games and how it grew, featuring pictures as well as quizzes and audio stories – you could even come face to face with Socrates in Ancient Greece talking about the first ever games, Oscar Swahn, the oldest Olympian who competed in the Antwerp Games at the age of 72, and Jesse Owens who broke racial barriers and records when he took four gold meals at the 1936 games in Berlin.

Amazing Olympic Stories Vol 2

Author of the series Dr Charles Margerison, said “Students can learn a great deal from how top athletes deal with winning and losing, which is important, as their lives will depend on how well they compete. Charlotte Cooper was the first woman to win an Olympic event in 1900. George Eyser won six gymnastic medals, despite having the disability of an amputated leg. They both had to be competitive to succeed outside the Olympics as well as at the Games. In this way, students can learn a lot from Amazing Olympians, about the mental attitude that is needed to compete both on and off the track.”

Amazing People of London

‘Amazing People of London’ features William Shakespeare, Florence Nightingale, Charles Barry, Winston Churchill, Emmeline Pankhurst,Charles Dickens – all people who’ve made their mark on London in some way, as well as Queen Victoria.

Your chance is to win one set of these books (Amazing Olympic Stories 1 & 2 and Amazing People of London) – iPad only, here are the iTunes links, so you can see what is on offer. To win, fill in the easy entries over on Rafflecopter – the competition finishes on 28th August 2012. One winner will be chosen who will win all three eBooks listed below.

Taken from iTunes : These books are available for download on your iPad with iBooks 2 or on your computer with iTunes. To read these books, you must be using an iPad with iBooks 2.

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  1. All of them. They were fantastic. Even the ones that didn’t win a medal, the honour of representing your company at an Olympic games is worthy of a medal in its self.


  2. I don’t think choosing is an issue as the whole of the TeamGB done us proud and are all heros.


  3. Mo Farah was a modest winner and quite inspiring.
    Would love to win this IPad book for my new IPad


  4. There were two people from my year at my school in the Olympics so they are! Andrew Willis and Vicki Lucas! x


  5. Nick Skelton – 50 plus years he’s waited, and come back from a broken neck for a well deserved gold


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