*Giveaway* Brownie Lottie Doll

So you may have read recently that we’re part of the Lottie Brownie Blogger Pack – and with that comes the opportunity to give a Brownie Lottie Doll away!
Brownie Lottie Giveaway

The Brownie Lottie Doll has been travelling with us. We’re back from Cornwall where she had a great time. She came with us to a few places, though there were some times it was best to leave her at home.

What can I say about the Brownie Lottie Doll? She’s pocket-sized, (although on more than one occasion we’d hear “is this your daughter’s dolly?” when she had fallen out) so maybe front pouch sized!

Brownie Lottie outdoors

She comes with a hoody, a scarf and elasticated woggle and there’s a load of accessories available too which we don’t yet have. One thing I really like is that Lottie’s shoes stay on. Brownie Lottie’s shoes don’t come off easily too, which is definitely worth pointing out.

The Brownie Lottie has a cool trefoil print on her t-shirt too. Lottie has knees that bend and arms that can be posed. If you’re good at balance you can get her to stand on her own too, which H enjoys doing. She also has hair you can plait!

Brownie Lottie box WAGGGS

Brownie Lottie is a Branksea Island Brownie, and is Girl Guide Association approved.

Here are some of the adventures she has been having…

Our holiday was at Coombe Mill. We decided it was probably for the best that Brownie Lottie didn’t help feed the animals!

Brownie Lottie at Coombe Mill

We did some exploring outside. She was pretty good at that.

Brownie Lottie Map reading

You can see her tucked into H’s pocket as she practises flying at Dyrham Park. Amazingly, this is one of the times she didn’t fall out! (I would insist your child holds on to Lottie at all times because of this)

Lottie in pocket

Doing some of the trails at Dyrham Park as well – you can see beautiful carved wood trees that you had to find. We also took her to Hidden Valley.

Brownie Lottie Sherlock Holmes Trail at Hidden Valley

So after sharing all these adventures Lottie has had (she is now safely back at home and hanging out with our football Lottie again), we thought you’d like to try and win one for yourself. So here’s our first giveaway in a while. We love Lottie Dolls. We love there is now a Brownie Lottie doll.

You can buy the Brownie Lottie Doll here.

The winner will receive a Brownie Lottie Doll.  The giveaway finishes on the 28th August. Good luck!

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