Porridge On Tuesday – Win a 12 Week Healthy Eating Plan – Giveaway

We’re Porridge on Tuesday Ambassadors, overdue an update but for now, how about a giveaway?

Porridge On Tuesday logoPorridge On Tuesday is much more than just a healthy eating plan, though that is a massive part of it. We’re well into it now and doing well (not gaining weight, and finding loads of new quick healthy recipes) – and this is your chance to have a go too.

I have FIVE to give away – so that’s a twelve week plan – which would work out at £2.50 a week, so that’s a fair bit of money saved (please don’t ask me to count right now, I’m tired) – worth a go, I’d say!

It’s a nice simple Rafflecopter entry too, so please read on. Also, POT are offering the 8 week plan for £14.95 and the 15 week plan for £25.95 – so there’s some savings already.  All you need to do is email offer@porridgeontuesday.com.

I’ll be posting an update on how it’s going for us soon – but until then you’ve got until the 8th August to enter – quick! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I just try to be as healthy as possible with smaller portions cutting out refined sugars such as white bread and white pasta and going whole instead. Also swapping rice for cous cous and cutting back on the treats. My saviour is a couple squares of 85% dark chocolate when im in need!


  2. porridge,chicken and fish with lots of fresh fruit and veggies and salads most important water


  3. I eat lot’s of fruit ,vegetable’s fish and white meat.I also steam, porch or boil my food when cooking so it keeps the flavour and goodness.


  4. A balanced mix of meat, veg, carbs and the occasional treat, so that I don’t feel deprived.


  5. Cheese, it really fills you up and it’s surprising how much you can eat without putting weight on – just watch out for the carbs! x


  6. I tend to stick to a high protein, low sugar and low carb diet when healthy eating. Plenty of salad too and green veggies!


  7. I make large pans of homemade soup and freeze portions, make a different one each time, then I can have a different soup for lunch each day


  8. I always go for pasta as it fills me up and I have managed to lose 5 stone eating it.


  9. Chicken, fish and lots of veg made into casserole and curries.Greek yogurt to go with fruit and nuts or to make marinades and dressing.


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