I’m Going to BritMums 2014

jo-and-hedwig-300x225Hello, I’ll be at BritMums 2014 on Friday and Saturday this coming weekend, my second one. What is there to say? I’ll do a few bullet points.

• I am the blogger who is very excited about having cassette shaped business cards.
• I am going to make loads of notes, as ever. They will probably go unread but I’ll remember everything.
• I will try not to drink too much wine.
• I will be on a search for savoury treats as sugar and me aren’t the best of friends at the moment.
• I might have a Powerpuff Girls/Star Wars t-shirt on if I’m feeling brave.
• I will almost certainly have a Uniqlo t-shirt on.

Things I learned last year.

• plan which sessions you want to go to. I missed some, and regret it.
• there is vegetarian food and it’s delicious!
• get into your ‘talking to other people’ mode as I blanked out a lot of the time and talked rubbish. It was nerves, caffeine and sugar last year!
• Everyone else will probably feel like that anyway.
• You’ll come away inspired. Even when there are things which you’re not a part of, something may set it off over the next year and take you back there. You’ll find new blogs to read.

Things I’m doing differently this year.

• I’m sharing a hotel room with Sonya and Lynn (who is a finalist on the video category of the BiBS). Wise move – going home on the Friday last year was tough, and I didn’t really sleep well. I want to get there early the next day.
• think about where you’re going and what you’re going to take. Do I really need the posh camera? No. Pens? Maybe, but they’ll be provided. Paper? Ditto.
• the brands. Talk more to the people on the stands, to the brands I’m interested in.

Anyway, I’ll be there at BritMums 2014, I’m looking forward to it, I’m less nervous and I’ll see YOU there too.


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