Hello Weight Watchers!

I’m taking the Weight Watchers Back 2 Best challenge with BritMums!

I remember growing up in the seventies, my mum tried several diets – but it was always just her doing whichever diet she felt she needed to do while we ate normally. They didn’t seem like much fun back then, and I remember my mum being miserable about being on a diet – none of them really working and having any kind of lasting effect.

When I was pregnant I developed Gestational Diabetes and we followed the GI Diet – eating low GI foods to keep my blood sugars down. It helped and I lost weight – but I resented not being able to have the occasional pizza or higher GI food, and when the diabetes went, my good eating habits did too.

I’ve also recently found out that the white spots under my eyes are due to cholesterol – I’m due to be tested to find out more on this, and have since found out it can be linked to diabetes, but that’s set off alarm bells again – I need to be looking after myself, we all need to look after ourselves – and we need to promote a healthy lifestyle to H so it’s second nature to her.

I work with K who did Weight Watchers with her husband¬†(this article is worth a read – warning – contains lots of swearing), who has lost an incredible amount of weight who has promised me she’ll give me loads of tips to help (and already has) – diets are about a lifestyle change, or adapting what you already do to make it healthier. I know I can do this.

I think we’ve kept some elements of the GI diet, though we’re not losing weight. We don’t have takeaways very often, though I do snack badly at work. I’m doing the Thinking Slimmer SlimPod which is helping the way I think about bad food (it’s really working with chocolate) – it’s working in changing how I think.

So. Weightwatchers. Here we go. A change of lifestyle which will hopefully make us change how we eat as a family – including H – without her getting those thoughts of us ‘being on a diet’. I’m looking forward to it, and want to lose at least a stone – plus being able to track it on my iPod Touch will be easy as I’ve always got it with me, so now it’s just controlling portion sizes and being even more aware of what we’re eating as a family. I know we can adapt and change and make it work – bring it on!

There’s a Twitter Party this lunchtime – more info over here¬†– where you can win Weight Watchers things – 1-2pm #wwback2best – Tuesday 18th September 2012

WeightWatchers Back2Best Challenge with BritMums


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