Henry Hugglemonster is coming to Disney Junior!

Henry Hugglemonster's Family

Dear Peppa Pig,

H has loved you obsessively now for around two years, but I’m afraid you have a rival on the horizon. We still love you, but the good thing about love is that you can share it around many things and never run out.

Sorry, but I’m sure you’ll understand,

H’s Parents.

p.s. if your child is scared of monsters like H was, then this programme may well be one that helps turn it around – she’s giggling her head off right now at how funny the family are.


Henry Hugglemonster

Henry Hugglemonster has just entered our lives – and he’s set to enter yours too. Henry is a five-year old middle child, well, monster really and is based on the book ‘I’m A Happy Hugglewug’ by Niamh Sharkey (published by Walker Books).

Niamh has been very closely involved with the production – and having watched the preview episodes it has lovely graphics, a really nice message, catchy songs and the kind of thing you could let your child watch and know they’ll find it funny (rather than being troubled about something) – plus – it’s all about family and togetherness and gets the message across really well.

Today in Central London we were invited to meet Niamh to learn more about Henry and his family – and we all got to draw a Henry (H’s work was good – she helped colour in mine) – as well as having the book read to us.

Niamh Sharkey and H

So, what do we know? Niamh wrote the book back in 2006, and worked on a short piece which Disney Junior loved and commissioned straight away with Brown Bag Films based in Dublin. Niamh is also Laureate na nÓg, Ireland’s laureate for children’s literature – in fact, H has been going on and on about a book ‘The Ravenous Beast’ which they read a lot at nursery, it ends up* Niamh writes and illustrates that as well (so I see another favourite author on the horizon here). One thing she mentioned today was how she likes bringing pictures into reading – especially at the age our kids are now, they can’t read – but they can identify pictures and a lot is about having a good visual behind your story.

Henry Hugglemonster is voiced by Brian Blessed (hurrah!), Brenda Blethyn and just announced earlier today, Geri Halliwell as well as others. Then there’s the songs – ohh they’re catchy – especially the theme (which refuses to leave my head).

Geri Halliwell Henry Hugglemonster

There’s a sneaky showing this Friday at 5.50pm on Disney Junior if you’re not sure what all the fuss is about – there’s 48 eleven minute episodes made, plus two longer ones for seasonal times – so quite soon Henry Hugglemonster will be everywhere! The show premieres on February 8th on Disney Junior at 5.50pm and is shown twice a week. Seriously, don’t miss it. You won’t thank me for the earworm, though you’ll be happy to hear your little one giggling along to it!

Disney Junior are over here
Niamh Sharkey’s site is here

* Henry is in fact reading it on one page, H spotted it!

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