Hotel Transylvania at the National Geographic Store in London

Yesterday we went to the National Geographic store opposite Harrods to watch ‘Hotel Transyvania’, which was released on DVD and BluRay today (4th Feb).

Hotel Transylvania DVD

On arrival, we were given an activity book – and each table had some pens and scissors to make a monster mask – had we been more creative (it was early, we needed coffee) I think we’d have done better than this – the mask came with the activity book. There wasn’t a huge amount for H as she can’t read, though we were able to adapt the games (spot the letter instead of a word search), so all was not lost!

H colouring in

H was so excited – she got to meet Mavis, Dracula’s 118 year old daughter

H meets Mavis

as well as Johnnystein, the monster who may well not be (you’ll have to watch the film to find out more – enter the giveaway!)

H meets Johnnystein

After that we all settled down in the back of the store, the kids on pebble shaped cushions, to watch the movie – which comes in at around an hour and a half. H is 3.5 and I’d read there were mildly scary bits (when Dracula gets angry) – but watching her reaction she was absolutely fine with it which was good to see!

The film has a simple plot – it’s Mavis’s coming of age – she’s 118, and Count Dracula needs to learn to let go and let her discover life (so she thinks). However, Dracula has other plans. There are a few funny moments for us adults, and watching the kids there were plenty for them – and funnily enough the loud fart (complete with green gas) got the loudest laugh from them. I’d say it’s a long film, though H was pretty good at sitting through it on her own without any fears – and she enjoyed it, which is what it’s all about!

Scary H

She really enjoyed the film and loved meeting Mavis and Johnnystein – and we got lucky and won a DVD copy in the raffle too, so now she can watch it whenever she fancies!

Hotel Transylvania is out today on DVD and BluRay, thank you to the PR company for organising the event!

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