Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mats

As your child gets older, you’ll find yourself in the murky world of toilet training. That part may be a breeze, but there’s still night time to think about. There are so many options out there it can be difficult to work out where to start, but one thing which is often forgotten are bed mats – the pads which protect your mattress. We were sent some Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mats to try.

Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mats

Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mats are different to other brands we’ve tried – they have a stick and stay put edge so can be placed onto the mattress where it is unlikely to slip. We’ve found that often moving around in the night the bed mat can become dislodged which in turn could lead to accidents leaking onto the mattress – nobody wants that!

With Huggies Dry Nites you peel off the backing paper near each corner and press onto the bed. It has a good size to it, so you’re covering around half of the mattress, thus giving plenty of cover. The only downside of this I could think of would be if there was an accident and there was a lot, as potentially there are the sides of the mattress to consider – but you’ll have some idea of what your child is capable of doing and where to put the mat. The stick and stay means you’ll know where to place it.

Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mat

We also put a Bed Mat in our bed – just to see how well it stuck (honest!), and found it stayed put well, whereas other brands do slip about a bit.

I would definitely recommend the Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mats, mainly as it’s something you don’t need to think about until the accident happens, you’re not having to check underneath the mattress to make sure it is in the same place and hasn’t slipped away. It lies flat underneath the top bedsheet, you wouldn’t know it was there.

Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mat

Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mats come in packs of 7, and currently retail at Ocado for £3 – so look around that price. I’d say it seems expensive, but the stick and stay sections make it worthwhile.

You can read more about Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mats here.

We were sent the Huggies Dry Nites Bed Mats for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own and honest.

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