Human Body Factivity Box Set

As Parragon Book Buddies we are sent a different book every month for H to read. This month was a Human Body Factivity Box Set – and it’s excellent!

Human Body Factivity Box Set

The Human Body Factivity Box Set has a book inside – part of the Gold Stars range, ‘The Amazing Human Body’. With H only being six she hasn’t got a lot of knowledge about the human body, so she found this box and book fascinating – and here’s why.

Introducing Elvis the Pelvis (her name).

Human Body Factivity Box Set Skeleton Model

Inside the box you get 20 pieces of plastic bones to put together to form your own skeleton on a stand. H found it fascinating. “Do I really look like this?!” she queried, I asked her to stand and she felt all the various bones she was able to feel. It was a huge eye opener. As she’s starting to get older and to be more aware of herself, it was good to point out parts of her body and where they are on the model.

Inside the Human Body Factivity Box Set is the book of course, which has loads of activities within. No topic (other than periods really) is skipped – farts get featured (always funny for six year olds), and I’m liking the section on ears which is good for showing H where she sometimes gets infections too.

You know when a book opens up someone’s eyes and they start to discover a brand new world? This is it – it’s definitely age-appropriate and is something H will continue to learn from as she progresses through the book. She’s definitely more of a reader than someone who does activities in books, but has already come out with several facts she has picked up.

Human Body Factivity Box Set Hiccups page

There are hundreds of facts in The Amazing Human Body too – so plenty!

It is also the first book we own which covers hiccups. Whenever H laughs too much she gets them, and hates it – she’s had this since she was a baby. It drives her mad – so reading what it all means was fascinating for her.

The Human Body Factivity Box Set is available now – including from Amazon (affiliate link) and comes highly recommended by us!

We were sent the book for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own. 

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