I Promise by Zanib Mian

H is seven now. She has to deal with disappointment and takes it more to heart than she used to. We were sent the book I Promise by Zanib Mian. If someone makes you a promise but fails to act on it, you can still do something about it yourself.

I Promise by Zanib Mian

I Promise by Zanib Mian is a short sweet book with a positive message.

Sometimes in life you’re promised things which then never happen. I’m guilty of that, I know. H will sometimes say “But you promised!” and I kick myself at having said the word and not acted on it. It’s usually because we’re so busy, and I’ve forgotten and I try to make it better. I Promise by Zanib Mian makes this turn of phrase a positive thing.

H has had many things promised to her from family and friends, and often they don’t happen. Generally she’s disappointed when it does. I usually try to do it with her instead wherever possible.

This is what I Promise is about.

If someone promises you the world, but try as they might, they cannot deliver, what do you do? You get the world for yourself…

I Promise by Zanib Mian is a book of few words, but has a positive message throughout. People will let you down, but grab that opportunity and make it happen yourself, is the general gist. It’s empowering.

I Promise by Zanib Mian

When a young girl comes across many broken promises in her life, a young man promises her the world. He fails. The only thing the young girl can do is take matters into her own hands. Can she really give herself the world? You’ll need to buy I Promise by Zanib Mian to find out.

It has lovely illustrations and is suitable for age 3 and up. You can order it now from Amazon, RRP £6.99

I Promise by Zanib Mian is published by Sweet Apple Books and is available now.

We were sent a copy of the book to review.

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